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We appreciate your interest in the distribution of the world's largest and most recognized brand of electronic cigarettes, Automatic Cigarettes. Automatic Cigarettes is known for having the absolute highest quality product, the best designed product, and the best valued product available, and Automatic Cigarettes works with our distributors to make sure we both succeed together, because we are not simply recruiting people to work for us, we are looking for partners!


We want you to be well prepared for success which is why we provide the highest quality and most consistent product, along with professional packaging and promotional materials that will guarantee you to thrive.


Electronic Cigarettes are currently a market valued at well over 1 Billion Dollars, and this market is growing every day. You can find the expansion of electronic cigarettes by the increased popularity in gas stations, liquor stores, and other major retailers, and with the electronic cigarette industry will only grow larger. In the coming years you can expect to find electronic cigarettes everywhere you can currently find traditional cigarettes, which is virtually eveywhere!


Right now there are over 1.3 Billion pack-a-day active smokers throughout the world, this is over 20% of the entire popular. How fantastic would it be to be able to offer all of these people the product they love in a more healthy version without the tars, carcinogens and expense of traditional cigarettes. Not only will you be able to profit from selling electronic cigarettes, you are helping people and saving lifes!


Don't let this enormous opportunity to get in on the ground floor pass you by. Contact us today so that we may provide you all the information necessary to make an informed decission and understand the potential value a retailer or distributor has to benefit from electronic cigarettes.


What seperates Automatic Cigarettes from other electronic cigarettes companies is our superior quality products which are more realistic to traditional cigarettes than any other electronic cigarette available in the market today. When smokers smoke, they want a traditional cigarette, which is light weight, small and provides a full flavored smoke, which is exactly what Automatic Cigarettes electronic cigarettes provide. Our electronic cgiarettes are not plastic toys, they are designed to look, feel, weigh, and taste just like a traditional cigarette, and that is beause we engineer and design our own products.


For more information about distribution of Automatic Cigarettes products, please send an e-mail to info@automaticcigarettes.com and an Automatic Cigarettes representative will be assigned to your account and contact you immediately.


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