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Use our Automatic Cigarettes Smoke and Save calculator to see how much money you could save by switching to electronic cigarettes.


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How Much Money Can You Save By Switching?


The benefits of electronic cigarettes are numerous.


Beyond the obvious health benefits of electronic cigarettes vs. traditional cigarettes, which are priceless, electronic cigarettes are also less expensive than traditional cigarettes.


The cost of traditional cigarettes add up in the cost of the actual cigarettes, the dry cleaning from the odor and ash that will engrain into your clothing, the cost of lighters to create the dangerous and harmful flame, the potential loss of social interaction due to people turned off by traditional cigarette smoking, the health bills that will pile up from the illnesses caused by traditional cigarette smoking, and many other factors that go far beyond the price of that pack of cigarettes.


This savings calculator shows just what you will save from the difference of the face value for a pack of cigarettes vs. the cost of electronic cigarettes, so imagine just how much you will really save if you were to factor in everything listed above... It could total millions!


Electronic cigarettes will pay for themselves many times over in more ways than one.


Just imagine what you can do with all of the money you save by switching from traditional cigarettes to Automatic Cigarettes!

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